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Camping Equipment Upgrades

Most of us start camping with some solid entry to mid-range camping equipment to get us up and running.

Over time, we may choose to upgrade various pieces of gear. If that sounds like you, here are a few suggestions you may wish to consider.

  • Backpack – we love these Osprey packs (mens/womens).

  • Tent – this is our favourite tent for wild camping, it’s very versatile and incredible value (the design is very similar to a >£1,000 tent).

  • Sleeping Bag & Liner –There are broadly two types of sleeping bags; synthetic or down. Synthetic are good value starter bag but can be heavier. Down sleeping bags are warmer per weight/’fill’ (ie you can save weight and/or be warmer). Alpkit make good quality gear for less than equivalent brands. If you’ve not got a liner yet, you can find them here.

  • Sleeping Mat – The ‘R’ rating is a universal measure of insulation each mat offers from the ground. Don’t be tempted by low R-value mats. The mat you have has an R rating of 4. For something wider, longer, warmer (R-rating of 7) and around half the weight, consider a Therm-a-Rest X-Therm (I prefer the large version).

  • Cookset – Sea to Summit make a nice 1.9 litre, titanium camping pot. You can find it here.

I hope you find this useful - let us know your thoughts and/or if you have any other suggestions.

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