You are deemed to have entered into a contract with Adventure Breaks Group Limited ("ABGL"), incorporating these Terms and Conditions, if you (or a third party on your behalf - such as a friend booking for you) buy a ticket for an Adventure Breaks or Adventure Solos event, take out a 'Fund Your Adventure' regular payment plan for an Adventure Breaks or Adventure Solos event, make a bank transfer to Adventure Breaks or Adventure Solos for an event, or attend or participate in an Adventure Breaks or Adventure Solos event. Adventure Breaks and Adventure Solos are trading names of Adventure Breaks Group Limited. 


Adventure Solos are about bringing like-minded people together through adventure. All of our events are solo-friendly and almost everyone books on to an Adventure Solo event by themselves. We expect guests to be kind, respectful and courteous at all times (including before, during and after an Adventure Solo event). Anyone failing to adhere to this risks forfeiting their place on any current and future Adventure Solo events for the enjoyment of others. 


We want you to be safe when participating in events but some risks are inherent in outdoor activities. We aim to take reasonable and proportionate precautions against known risks, but we cannot completely exclude them. By booking, attending or participating in an event with Adventure Solos, you acknowledge and accept that such risks exist and you accept that you are undertaking such activities in the knowledge that such risks exist. For this reason, we encourage you to take out your own insurance against the risk of death, injury or other loss or damage on an event, as Adventure Solos does not provide this and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer unless it results from our negligence.
Safeguarding your property on an event will always be your responsibility and we will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to your property, no matter how it is caused. You are responsible for any loss, damage or destruction caused by your actions whilst attending an Adventure Solo event. This includes but is not limited to any loss, damage or destruction of/to equipment, buildings and/or injuries to others.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are suitably prepared and suitable dressed for any event. We are happy to assist you if you have questions or require advice. If you are provided with safety equipment (such as a helmet and/or buoyancy aid etc) it is your responsibility to wear this whenever it may be appropriate (for example, when at height, when rocks may fall from above and/or when on or near water).


Many of our adventures take place in Summer near bodies of water such as lochs, tarns, rivers and lakes. Inevitably, there is a temptation to for people to enter the water for a dip or swim. Anyone choosing to swim (or to undertake any other activity other than the relevant activities provided as part of the advertised event) does so entirely at their own risk. Adventure Solos hosts and guides are not lifeguards and are not responsible for anyone that chooses to enter the water. Adventure Breaks Group Limited (trading as Adventure Solos) nor Adventure Solos hosts or guides can be held responsible for anyone choosing to swim or participating in any other non-organised activities.


By signing up for an event, you undertake to tell the event host about any medical condition you have or suspect you may have, which could affect or limit your participation in the event or expose you or others to risk in any circumstances. Please also specify any actions you wish to occur should assistance be required. In the event of an accident, the event host will aim to pass on any relevant information to any person who may need to have it. Event hosts will not disclose medical information you give to them for any other purpose, and we will not store any information of this kind. If you have a medical condition that may require medication (such as an asthma inhaler, Epi-pen or any other such medication and/or device), you must bring this with you on an event.   


In order to create and run our events, we seek to use, and re-use, images, video and other assets provided by our members to promote our events, thereby avoiding the charges for the use of commercially available assets. To assist us in this, by providing to us by any means any photograph, video, film, image or content of any kind relating to an Adventure Solo event or activity (“the asset”), guests grant to Adventure Solos an irrevocable licence to use that asset for the purposes of Adventure Breaks Group Limited in perpetuity and free of charge, in any and all media now existing or to be invented and in any territory in which we operates or seek to operate in the future.


We reserve the right to use photos and videos taken by instructors, hosts or other members on our events to promote Adventure Solos in any and all media now existing or to be invented. If you do not wish to be included in such materials you are responsible for advising event leaders of this and for not participating in any photography or filming at events. Occasionally we may have professional photographer(s) and/or videographer(s) at an event to create media for our use.


Personal information which you supply to Adventure Solos as part of your booking may be used in a number of ways, for example:

  • To contact you about your booking; and/or

  • To inform you about products or services which may interest you.

Sensitive Personal Data

You consent to Adventure Solos processing data relating to you for the purposes noted above and, in particular, to the processing of any sensitive personal data (as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) relating to you including, as appropriate:

  • Contact details;

  • Your medical details

  • Your dietary requirements

  • Your emergency contact details.

All guests are required to declare if they have a medical condition or if they are using any medication. All guests should be physically fit for the adventure they are attending.

Retaining Information

Adventure Solos hold guest information relating to the services we provide. We will only continue to hold information about you if we have a legitimate reason for doing so.


If you are purchasing a ticket for someone else, please send us an email at the time of booking with the participants name and contact details. The person who books/purchases the ticket is responsible for ensuring that everyone they are booking for is fully aware of our Terms & Conditions.


Tickets are not transferable once purchased except with the prior written consent and knowledge of Adventure Solos.


We reserve the right to adjust or amend events without warning in order to comply with any regulations required by law, government guidance and/or in order to comply with third party processes (for example, accommodation provider's requirements). 

If 'lockdown', 'social distancing', or other such Coronavirus restrictions means it is not practical for Adventure Solos to proceed with an event, you will be able to reschedule for the same event one year later or an alternative Adventure Solos weekend of your preference. All other cancellations by Adventure Solos are covered in the section below. 


By starting a payment plan (including, but not limited to, the ‘Fund Your Adventure’ plans) you acknowledge that you are committing to pay in full for the event. All events must be paid for in full at least one month prior to the start of an event. When you take out a payment plan, we book your place on the event. This may include, but is not limited to, taking steps to arrange instructors, order equipment, organise logistics, market remaining tickets for the event you’re attending, booking accommodation/camp sites, updating the website, direct and indirect time and marketing costs. If you choose to cancel your place on an event, all remaining payments are still due and any cancellation refund due will be processed thereafter under the cancellation policy outlined in the terms and conditions.


If you wish to cancel your place at an event you can do so by getting in touch with us though the website or by emailing us at info@adventuresolos.com .

For all events we recommend you have appropriate travel insurance to cover you for the cost of any changes you may need to make to your plans. 


In the rare circumstances in which Adventure Solos cancels an event, you will receive a full refund from us. We usually prefer for events to go ahead even if numbers are low. However, very occasionally, cancelling the event is necessary. We are unable to take liability for any other related expenses such as any travel arrangements, other accommodation costs, etc which you may incur, and as such refunds are limited only to the event price that you have paid. We encourage guests to take out their own suitable travel insurance to cover these eventualities. 

Any deposits paid are non-refundable. For the purposes of cancellations:

- ‘Day & Weekend Events’ means an event that is 96 hours or less in duration and that has a ticket value of £500 or less (based upon the gross advertised cost before any discounts or coupons that may have been applied);

- Any events that do not meet this definition are considered ‘Other Events’. The cancellation policies for these two types of event are as follows:

Day & Weekend Events

·       If you cancel more than one calendar month before the event start time, and within 24 hours of booking, you will receive a full refund (less £10 administration and booking fee charges for each order placed).

·       If you cancel more than one calendar month before the event start time, and more than 24 hours after booking, you will receive 25% of any amounts paid (and due to be paid) over £100.

·       If you cancel less than one calendar month before the event start time, but more than 14 days before the event start time, you will receive 10% of any amounts paid (and due to be paid) over £100.

·       If you cancel less than 14 days before the event start time, no refund will be due.


Other Events

·       If you cancel more than 60 days before the event start time, and within 24 hours of booking, you will receive a full refund (less 3% administration and booking fee charges of any amounts paid and due to be paid).

·       If you cancel more than 60 days before the event start time, and more than 24 hours after booking, you will receive 10% of any amounts paid (and due to be paid) over £100.

·       If you cancel less than 60 days before the event start time, no refund will be due.

The above charges can be considerable. We strongly advise you to consider insurance against any unforeseen event. 

Refunds for products (rather than events) must be cancelled within 24 hours of purchase to qualify for a refund.

If you wish to cancel your place on an event that including equipment for you to keep, at our discretion we may post these items to you (with the exception of restricted goods such as gas canisters). There is a minimum charge of £25 for this service, which contributes towards the time and cost of postage. 


Whilst rare, occasionally the weather will be unsuitable for an event to proceed as planned. In such scenarios, we will aim to provide the best safe alternative for the conditions. This may including using alternative routes, providing different activities, rearranging the schedule and/or in very rare circumstances, cancelling or postponing an event. This may be at short notice and/or after an event has commenced. In the unlikely event of an event being cancelled or postponed, you will be able to rebook onto another Adventure Solos event with no additional charges or rebooking fees. We cannot be held responsibly to incidentals or other such costs (eg travel/accommodation bookings) and we recommend you consider insurance to cover such a scenario.   


Bookings are not transferable (with the exception of if we cancel an event due to Coronavirus lockdown restrictions). If you can no longer attend an event, or wish to cancel your place at an event, any amounts paid (by whatever method, including purchasing a ticket, using Fund Your Adventure, bank transfer or any other payment method) will fall under the cancellation policy outlined above. 

If you wish to cancel, at our sole discretion, we may agree to rescheduling your place to a different event instead. This will always include a rebooking fee. This rebooking fee helps to cover admin time and cost, as well as being a partial contribution towards the marketing time and costs involved in finding other guests to replace you. Any rebooking fee will be at least £49 for each Day & Weekend Event ticket, and £99 per ticket for any other events.


Late payment of any form (eg failing to pay a monthly payment plan and/or not having paid the balance to any trip at least one month prior to the start of an event) may result in you forfeiting your place at an event and/or being deemed to have cancelled your booking (and any such refunds due would be cancelled in line with the cancellation policy outline in these terms and conditions). 


Any credit notes, gift vouchers, discounts, coupon codes, reductions, refunds, offers and any and all other such liabilities will be deemed to have expired and be null and void 12 months after the original date of grant of existance.


Adventure Solos events are designed for adults. You must be at least 18 years of age to join an Adventure Solos event. If you have a group of under 18s, we may be able to organise an event specifically for your needs - please contact us for more information.


We highly recommend that you bring a valid and in-date photo I.D. with you on all Adventure Solos events. This is for a variety of reasons - for example, if you are lucky enough to look younger than the average Adventure Solos guest, we may ask to see your photo I.D. to help ensure you are at least 18 years old. In addition, sometimes Adventure Solos, or third parties providers (such as pubs, accommodation providers and/or third party activity providers), may require to see photo I.D..  


Before events, we typically create Whatsapp groups for all guests and the host. You are requested not share spam/forwards to the group. Do not send inappropriate messages (within the group or to any other guests). Any such complaints will be taken seriously and may result in you being removed from the Whatsapp group, being removed from any/all events and being reported to the police. We have never had any issues with anyone misusing this so please do not be the first!


Guests are responsible for looking after property at all times, including third party premises (such as hotels, hostels, bunkbarns, campsites etc). Property should be in good clean condition when we arrive and when we leave. If this is not the case, you are responsible for reporting it to Adventure Solos as soon as practically possible, ideally along with supporting evidence. Any destruction, damage and/or breakages must be reported as soon as practically possible. Adventure Breaks Group Limited cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to person, property or equipment. Any breakages, damages or destruction of facilities or equipment must be paid for in full by guests. 


All guests are required to provide valid emergency contact details of a third party to Adventure Solos in writing at least one week prior to an event. Each guest is responsible for ensuring they have provided this information (this is usually done as part of the booking form when purchasing a ticket). 


Smoking: Third party premises (such as hotels, hostels, bunkbarns, campsites etc) will have rules and regulations about if/when you may smoke. Please adhere to such rules at all times - feel free to ask if you are uncertain. When smoking, please do so respectfully of others around you - for example downwind and away from other guests. 


Drinking: Alcohol should be consumed in moderation. For obvious health and safety reasons, we cannot let you take part in activities if you are believed to be intoxicated (including from drinking the night before). Generally guests are welcome to enjoy a drink in moderation after any activities for the day have come to an end. If you are in any doubt, please check. Anyone behaving inappropriately risks forfeiting their place at an event for the comfort and safety of everyone. 


You will be required to agree to the Adventure Solos Participation Form when you sign up to any event. We may also request you to sign a hard copy of the Participation Form at an event. The Participation Form is subject to change from time to time.


For certain events, we will make use of third party venues such as accommodation providers. Where this is the case, you (as the guest) will be expected to act reasonably and responsibly at all times. You are required to adherer to any and all terms & conditions that Adventure Breaks Group Limited may require to agree to in order to book and/or use such providers. Please contact Adventure Solos if you would like any further details for terms & conditions specific to your event. 


Adventure Breaks Group Limited reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time. 


If you wish to raise a concern, or make a complaint, we would encourage you to do so when the issue first occurs. If you are on an event please discuss it with the instructor and/or host in the first instance. If you’re not on an event or if you don’t find that satisfactory, please get in touch with Adventure Solos directly. You can contact us at info@adventuresolos.com .