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Windermere Weekend

Life Changes - Leaving London: Pros, cons, and how I knew when it was right for me (with Gemma)

"I was still in love with London and I needed to fall out of love with it - it's a very difficult place to leave. I started asking myself what would have made me happier today. That was when I started to realise that I would have been happier if I had time to go for a walk or if I'd had time to cook dinner. Those were the sort of things that made me start to realise."

Gemma lived in London for around 15 years. She was torn between staying in her current job, career and home versus being closer to family and living a slower pace of life. In this relatable episode, she talks us through the decisions and circumstances that lead to her deciding when was the right time, and talks us through the pros and cons of a first year away out of city life.

Gemma has attended the Windermere Weekend by Adventure Solos and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Weekend.

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Hosts Chris & Nat

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