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Windermere Weekend

Life Changes - Battling alcohol and depression with outdoor cooking

Updated: Feb 1

"My friend said 'here you are, get this pint down your neck'. I told him 'I don't drink anymore. I can't drink'. It had completely compromised all areas of my life. A couple of days later I left York. I had been there for seven years. I left my friends, job, ex partner, my flat - I didn't say goodbye to anybody. I went back to Cumbria and put on my Facebook for the first time what I'd been keeping a secret and going through for the last 12 years."

Listen to Harrison's incredible story of going from 20-pints-a-day to sober, and using outdoor well-being and hillside cooking to better manage his mental health.

You can listen to the episode on most podcast platforms, including (but not limited to):

I hope you enjoy listening (and/or watching!),

Hosts Chris & Nat

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