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Windermere Weekend

Finding The Endurance!


Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship has been found, incredibly well preserved, in the Weddell Sea (Antarctica). It was found 3km deep, just 4 miles from where it sank 107 years ago.

The story of it's sinking is one of the most incredible survival stories ever told. Imagine being stranded without a ship, with no-one knowing you're missing, in one of the remotest and unforgiving places on earth. Yet everyone on the expedition survived.

You can find out more about this incredible story in this Adventure Solos presentation film: Tom Crean; Why haven't I heard about this man before.

Follow the link below to watch the video (and please click the red button to subscribe to the Adventure Solos YouTube channel whilst you're there!):

Other Resources:

  • Read Ernest Shackleton's book 'South' - find out more here.

  • Join us as we paddle from the East to the West of Scotland in this beginner-friendly Canoe Scotland Adventure.

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