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Tent upgrade option for Wild Camping for Beginners (including tent footprint).


  • This is a freestanding tent (ie unlike most tents, you can erect it without using pegs or guy-ropes).
  • The tent pitches 'outer first', meaning the inner stays dry when setting up and packing away.
  • Lightweight fabric and stable structure.
  • Spacious for one and practical for two; an entrance and porch area each as well as the shoulder width being wider than the feet width.
  • Aluminum poles, which make for a stable tent (will withstand heavier weather). The design also resists the wind in all directions.
  • Good ventilation design, reducing condensation. 
  • Weights approximately 2.25kg*
  • This tent is an excellent and good quality copy of a £1200 tent. 
  • Specially imported by Adventure Solos (all taxes and customs fees paid).


*Excluding footprint weight of approximately 225g.

Tent Upgrade Option

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