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Adventure Film Club - June 2020

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Keep yourself entertained between Adventure Breaks with our book and film recommendations! Here you'll find stories of adventure and survival that we think will entertain and inspire you. Welcome to the Adventure Book and Film Club!

"In 1894 a man went looking for America and found himself."

This 1990 film, starring, produced by, and directed by Kevin Costner, was nominated for 12 Academy Awards and took home 7 of them.

Set during the American Civil war of the 1860s, soilder John Dunbar is wounded in battle and is able to request a transfer to an outpost on the western frontier. He encounters his Sioux neighbors, and although the exchanges are tense and first, over time he earns their respect. He also meets 'Stands with a Fist', the White adopted daughter of the tribe's medicine man 'Kicking Bird', who is ritually mutilating herself while mourning for her husband. Dunbar takes her back to the Sioux to recover.

Dunbar is attracted by the simplicity of the Sioux's lifestyle and over time, the language barrier is broken down and Dunbar develops a growing respect and appreciation for the Sioux's way of life. He also befriends a wolf he names 'Two Socks'. Observing Dunbar and Two Socks playing, the Sioux give him the name "Dances with Wolves".

As relationships develop, Dunbar is leaving his old world behind, ultimately resulting in him being arrested and taken prisoner by soilders as a traitor. The Sioux track the soliders, and free Dunbar, asserting that they do not see him as a White man, but as a Sioux warrior called Dances with Wolves. However Dunbar decides to leave as his continuing presence is endangering the tribe.

U.S. troops are seen searching the mountains, but are unable to locate Dunbar, while a lone wolf howls in the distance. An epilogue states that 13 years later, the last remnants of the free Sioux were subjugated to the American government, ending the conquest of the Western Frontier states and the livelihoods of the tribes on the plains.

This is a lovely, romantic and emotional film, with joyous and simple moments that remind us to get outdoors, connect with nature and to appreciate life.

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