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Hiking for Beginners by Adventure Solos has been designed to help you start hiking comfortably, confidently and safely.

We have created an event specifically for new hikers as we realise that starting hiking can be tricky. Many people wish to start hiking safely, without getting lost by themselves and having to call for help. Joining a hiking group can be intimidating, as even with friendly groups, you may feel that there's a pressure to not hold others up.


Hiking for Beginners is designed specifically to be a slow and steady introduction to hiking. As part of this friendly, no-pressure event, we cover key topics to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence when hiking. Areas we cover include finding the right equipment for your budget, map reading, route finding, scenario planning and what to pack for a day out.

We run this event in small groups of 5-10 people. We have clean and simple accommodation in Hartsop in the Lake District in the North of England. This is a stunning part of the world to begin your hiking adventures. We think it's good to share but if you prefer a solo room there is an option for this also. 

What's included? 

  • A fun, sociable, solo-friendly group to adventure with!

  • Adventure Solos' detailed Pre-Adventure Guide.

  • An Adventure Solos host (and qualified Mountain Leader) who will be there throughout the event.

  • Two nights' accommodation in the Lake District. 

  • Handy hints and tips as well as answer your questions along the way. 

  • Beautiful sights of the Lake District - a stunning part of the world right here in the UK. 

  • New friends; you'll meet like-minded newbie hikers that you can plan future trips with. 

Where is it?

We start and finish the weekend at the Patterdale Hotel, in the Lake District, North West England.

The postcode is CA11 0NN. 

Join the Adventure

Tickets are available below for £245 per person*.

Or to set up a monthly payment plan, click Fund your Adventure.

*For a limited time, we are offering 10% off the first event using code 'H4B' at checkout.

AVAILABLE: Friday 2nd December 2022 at midday to 2pm on Sunday 4th December 2022 (Click here to book).

Further information 

Please scroll down for further information.

Hiking for Beginners


The key aspects we help you with as part of the Hiking for Beginners event include:

  • Equipment - we provide gear recommendations to help you select the right equipment for your budget, allowing you to stay warm, dry and safe. 

  • Map reading - we show you simple, practical ways to get you reading maps successfully (without any long boring theory sessions - we promise!). This includes ways to safely relocate yourself if you are not sure where you are.

  • Route finding - we show you our favourite ways to find routes both near to home and in new areas (including options with toilet facilities en-route and options for those travelling by public transport).
  • Scenario planning - we help you to understand how to manage situations if things don't quite go to plan. 
  • Packing - we discuss what to pack (and what not to pack) on different hikes, including at different times of the year and in different locations.
  • Starter hikes - we enjoying some gently-paced walks during the weekend. The walks are at a slow and steady pace. We also intersperse the walking with regular breaks where we chat and discuss various aspects of hiking and answer questions you may have. These 'starter hikes' are designed to ensure that nobody feels like they're holding anyone else up, and we give everyone plenty of time to rest.

  • Hiking friends - it is easy to make new friends that are keen to hike. Adventure Solos events are all solo-friendly, meaning we design our adventures are designed specifically for people wishing to book onto an event by themselves to enjoy a social, group adventure. Our events are all fully-hosted, so there's always someone around to welcome you and having a fun experience.

  • Bespoke content - we give you the opportunity to tell us what you feel your greatest challenges are when starting hiking. In doing so, we aim to ensure you have the opportunity to tackle other obstacles you may face that aren't mentioned above. 

Our aim is that by the end of the event you will be able to continue hiking confidently and safely, having made new friends in the process. We run this event in small groups of 5-10 people. Accommodation for two nights is provided in simple, clean accommodation in Hartsop in the Lake District (North West England). This is a stunning part of the world to start your hiking adventures. We think it's good to share but if you prefer a solo room there is an option to add this as an extra


Day One

We meet for lunch together at the beautifully located Patterdale Hotel, then drive a few minutes down the road to our accommodation for the weekend. We take a look at maps, explain the key features, and show you some easy ways to start map reading. Once everyone is happy, we have our first hike of the weekend, which takes around 2 hours at a slow and stead pace. 

In the evening, we cook a pasta/rice based meal at the accommodation - you're welcome to enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets!

Day 2

We discuss and look at some of the equipment that people use for hiking, including accessories such as hiking poles and emergency equipment. We discuss common items to bring or to leave, depending on different conditions and route. We plan the day's hike together as a group, and practice some of our simple map reading skills along the way. Lunch is a packed lunch, often at a waterside location, before we continue our gentle walk.

We complete our hike after lunch and head back to the accommodation for warm showers. After doing so, we do some scenario planning for your hiking adventures. 

In the evening, we enjoy a pub meal at another stunning Lake District venue.

Day 3

We plan some hikes local to your own home area that you can tackle when you get home.

There is a final option for a short lakeside walk before lunch at a riverside cafe.

The event finishes after lunch, leaving you plenty of time for your journey home. 

Transport/Getting there
We will meet at the Patterdale Hotel. Driving – If you are driving, the postcode is CA11 0NN.

Train - If you are travelling by train, we may be able to give a lift from Oxenholme Lake District Station which is 2.5 hours from London Euston (direct), 2 hours from Birmingham (direct), 2 hours from Glasgow or Edinburgh (direct) and 1 hour from Manchester (direct). Please contact us if you would like a lift from Oxenholme Station as this will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Food and Drink

You will need to bring some basic food with you. We will give you more details and suggestions nearer the time but they are broadly; fruit, snacks, sandwiches and evening meals of rice or pasta.

Frequently Asked Questions
Solo-friendly - Our guests almost exclusively attend by themselves and we will make you feel welcome. We start the weekend with a meal together at the pub and the weekend is a great way to make new friends. An Adventure Solos host will meet you when you arrive, introduce you to other guests and ensuring that everyone is enjoying themselves throughout the event.

Equipment - The key pieces of gear you will require for hiking are hiking boots, waterproofs, some warm layers and a backpack. We advise you on this equipment (catering for different budgets) as part of the Adventure Solos Pre-Adventure Guide. 

Hiking experience - you do not need prior hiking experience; that's what this event is all about. Hikes are essentially walks that last a little longer, often at least a few hours, usually in the countryside, and often on a non-paved surface such as following a track rather than a roadside or footpath. The pace of these hikes is slow and steady. 

Join the Adventure

Tickets are available below for £245 per person.

Or to set up a monthly payment plan, click Fund your Adventure.

AVAILABLE: Friday 2nd December 2022 at midday to 2pm on Sunday 4th December 2022 (Click here to book).

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