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Windermere Weekend

Coronavirus Statement

Updated: May 1, 2020


Firstly, our deepest sympathies go out to the friends and families of those that have been the victims of the virus. The Government has issued advice to slow and limit the spread of Coronavirus. Slowing the spread of the virus means that the NHS will be better positioned to assist those most in need, and limiting the spread means that there will be fewer people to treat. Measures people are helping to both slow and limit the spread include:

  • self-isolating;

  • reducing social contact;

  • working from home;

  • avoiding pubs, clubs and theatres.

These are very practical ways to slow and limit the spread of the virus. Whilst they are unusual in the sense that they impact our day-to-day lives, this is a very rational approach and we do not think these measures need to be considered scary, nor do we believe there is any need to panic about these measures (which have led to some temporary unavailability of a few items in supermarkets but that are being regularly re-stocked).

There are no timescales around the current virus advice (e.g. how long we should avoid pubs, clubs and theatres for), but it is reasonable to assume these will be in place for weeks, possibly longer. We also expect there will be further advice from the Government in due course (most likely towards the end of March) advising people take stricter measures to limit the spread (probably akin to measures we've seen in countries such as Italy). Again, whilst unusual, this would be perfectly rational, and the timing of any such measures would be a balance of factors such as the spread of the virus, the stress of the NHS and how long the Government believes people will adhere to any restrictions or advice.

In summary, measures are being taken to slow and limit the spread of the virus. We believe there may be stricter advice from the Government in due course, but that the introduction of any such measures is not a cause for concern. Timescales around restrictions are currently uncertain, and this should become clearer in due course.

In the meantime, we would advise you to look after each other, particularly the elderly. If you are fed up of reading doom and gloom, you can also find good news stories related to Coronavirus here.

What does that mean for Adventure Breaks?

We are rescheduling our events in May and June. All other events are scheduled to go ahead, and we will continue to review the situation. In a worst-case scenario, guests will be able to rescheduled to alternative dates.

Can I still join an Adventure Break?

Absolutely. Our May events are sold out but we have events throughout the summer. We expect these events will run as normal. If events don't go ahead due to the virus, we will offer you alternative dates when you can join us for an adventure. The next available Adventure Breaks is Windermere Weekend in June.

It is worth noting that we believe the risks at Adventure Breaks are relatively low (small groups, outdoors, not generally elderly). We thank you for your support and understanding and we would love to see you at an Adventure Break soon.

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