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Life Changes - Caught in the Morocco Earthquake Disaster (with Nick)

Updated: Jan 23

"She had quite a bad break in her leg and she'd been there about 14 hours when we got to her. We had a look and thought, well, she's really not in a good way. She's bleeding out through that broken leg. She definitely needs hospital treatment. So we were trying to work out logistically how we would get her out because we thought if she stays here, she potentially will die."

In September 2023, an earthquake struck Morocco killing 6,000 people, injuring many more, and leaving countless homeless and trying to rebuild their lives. We speak to Nick, a paramedic who was on a trip of a lifetime, sound asleep ready for a big day ahead, when an earthquake struck. Nick, who was with his son at the time, recounts his experience, the jepardy they went through, and later how he was able to apply his paramedic skills to help save the life of a young girl injured in the tragedy.

You can listen to the Life Changes podcast with Adventure Solos here:

Nick was on one of the Canoe Scotland Expedition events as well as a number of Day Hikes. He has a great sense of humour (even if he does love a pun a little too much). It was lovely to chat to him again and I'm sure we'll see him in the future on other Adventure Solos.

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You can donate to Unicef's Morocco Earthquake relief fund here:

Nick joined us on the Canoe Scotland Expedition by Adventure Solos, you can find details of that event here:

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