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Adventures have always been important to me. Most of my working life involved being indoors, usually sitting at a desk. So I had a weekend routine; I'd pack a bag on a Thursday evening, run out of the office at 5pm on a Friday, and jump on a train. Within a couple of hours, I would be in the countryside enjoying an adventure. On Monday morning, colleagues would ask in awe about my latest hiking, canoeing or camping trip.


One weekend, I mentioned to some friends that it would be great to get people away from their regular weekend routines and into the Great British Outdoors. My friends nodded. I quit my job, moved to the countryside and thought I better put an event on. Adventure Breaks was born!

The plan was simple; to offer the UK’s coolest and most varied outdoor weekends. Importantly, the events would be two things:

  1. Solo-friendly - this is core to what we do and it’s something we’re very passionate about. It means you don’t need to convince your friends to come with you; book by yourself, turn up and you'll be made to feel welcome. Find out more about our solo-friendly ethics here.

  2. Available to all levels of experience. Some events may be more skewed towards a particular experience level, but most events are experiences that can be enjoyed regardless of experience. What's more, our focus on variety means you should always be able to find something new to try and make new friends to enjoy it with too.