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Which hiking boots?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Buying boots for beginners.

The first two pieces of outdoor gear I would recommend anyone buy are a waterproof jacket and a pair of walking boots. After that, I'd add an inexpensive pair of waterproof trousers. This post covers hiking boots. Firstly, it's better to go in store and try boots on. Outdoor shop assistance are almost always helpful and friendly (in my experience) and will happily advise you and help you find a comfortable pair of shoes. Most high-streets now have an outdoor shop. If you choose to ignore this advice and buy online, we have a few suggestions for you. First though, read these points:

  • it's generally better to go up one size from your normal shoe size (this gives your room to wear thicker socks and ensures your toes won't be hammering against the front of the shoe on a long downhill);

  • wear a natural pair of walking socks for comfort, freshness and to reduce the chance of blisters - you can find a pair of merino wool socks here for £7.50.


These boots are comfortable, look good and have a good sole; I think they are a great 'go to' boot if you have the budget for them:

If you don't have the budget, or don't want to commit, to the Salomon boots above, there are cheaper boots available. This pair is currently reduced from £60 to £35 and look like a reasonable budget boot; see the men's version or the women's version.

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