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Adventure Film Club - April 2020

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Keep yourself entertained between Adventure Breaks with our book and film recommendations! Here you'll find stories of adventure and survival that we think will entertain and inspire you. Welcome to the Adventure Book (and Film) Club!

In this 1990 (30 years old!) stop-motion (ie Plasticine) film, Wallace and Gromit run out of cheese, providing an excellent excuse for the animated duo to take an adventure to the moon (everyone knows the moon is made of cheese).

Nick Park started creating the film in 1982, and in 1985, Aardman Animations took him on before he finished the piece, allowing him to work on it part-time. To make the film, Park wrote to Plasticine requesting a ton of Plasticine. He received ten colours, one of which was called "stone" which was used for Gromit. Park was to voice Gromit, and offered for Peter Sallis (Last of the Summer Wine) voice Wallace.

Park wanted Wallace to have a Lancashire accent like his own, but Peter Sallis had agreed to voice the character and he could only do a Yorkshire accent. Inspired by how Sallis drew out the word "cheese", Park chose to give Wallace large cheeks. When Park called Sallis six years later to explain he had completed his film, Sallis apparently swore in surprise.

Gromit was named after grommets (a tube or ring that an electrical cable passes through to protect them - see photo) , because Park's brother, an electrician, often mentioned them, and Nick Park liked the sound of the word. Wallace was originally a postman named Jerry, but Park felt the name did not match well with Gromit. Park saw an overweight Labrador retriever named Wallace, who belonged to an old woman boarding a bus in Preston. Park commented it was a "funny name, a very northern name to give a dog".

A Grand Day out is 24 minutes long and is available on Netflix or you can buy it on Amazon here.

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