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Adventure Book Club - June 2020

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Keep yourself entertained between Adventure Breaks with our book and film recommendations! This page has affiliate links which will direct you to the relevant product on Amazon. These are adventure and survival stories that we think will entertain and inspire you. Welcome to the Adventure Book (and Film) Club!

You can find a copy of Touching the Void here.

The ultimate dilemma.

You're near the top of Siula Grande, a 6,344 meter (20,800 ft) peak in Peruvian Andes. Shortly after summitting, your climbing buddy falls Joe falls and shatters his leg. You come up with a plan for you to lower Joe down a rope length at a time, in the hope that you can both make your way off the mountain.

Things have started to go to plan. But then you lower Joe to the rope's limit and his weight is still on the rope; he's not hit solid ground.

You hold on. You wait. You're getting tired. You're slipping. And Joe's still just hanging. You don't know how far above the ground he may be. But you can't hold on forever and there's no chance of pulling him back up. You can't hear each other or communicate.

Could you cut the rope?

This is the decision that Simon Yates had to make; to cut Joe free in order to save himself from being pulled off the mountain.

The book tells of Joe's incredible struggle for survival.

You can find a copy here.

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