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Get started with camping adventures in 2021! There are two events to choose from; 

Campsite Camping or Wild Camping.

Option 1: Campsite Camping for Beginners

Campsite Camping for Beginners is perfect if you have limited fitness and/or outdoor experience. This is a gentle introduction to camping as we stay at a campsite which has those little luxuries including toilet and hot shower facilities. If you're driving, you'll be able to park near your tent, meaning you can worry less about the weight of size of items to bring as you won't need to hike with them in your rucksack. Click here to find out more about the event

Option 2: Wild Camping for Beginners

Wild Camping for Beginners is aimed at those with at least a moderate level of fitness. Wild camping is camping that's not in a more formal campsite; instead we pack new camping gear (provided for you at the event) into your rucksack and hike to two different wild camping locations over the course of the weekend. This is a much 'purer' camping experience as you'll be carrying everything you need to be 'self-sufficient' over the weekend. Watch a video from one of our Wild Camping events here or click here to find out more about the event.

If you're struggling to decide which of these events is best for you, get in touch (remember to leave a number if you'd like us to call you for a chat).  

Campsite Camping for Beginners
Wild Camping for Beginners

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