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Camping for Kids

Camping for Kids

Camping for Kids is a program specifically developed for groups of school children to help them develop and learn new skills. We a bronze, silver and gold badge system, designed to build pupil's trust and confidence over a period of time.

Bronze Badge: a series of in-school lesson modules which help to familiarise pupils with the equipment and allows them to learn new skills.

Silver Badge: pupils are able to join our sleep-at-school event - an overnight camp in the familiar grounds of their school playing fields or playground.

Gold Badge: pupils are able to graduate Camping for Kids with an overnight camp at a campsite. 

If you would like to discuss a school becoming a Camping for Kids school, email us here.


Access to Camping Gear

Graduates of the gold program are provided with free camping gear to facilitate future adventures. We also offer other pupils and their families cost-efficient ways of accessing gear. 

Adults and the Outdoors

We run adult Camping for Beginners events (a choice of campsite camping or 'wild' camping) for any parents or guardians wishing to develop the skills and learning required for camping. 

Supporting Us

If you would like to provide financial support to allow us to offer more children the opportunity to benefit from Camping for Kids, please get in touch here.

I look forward to helping engage you and your schools with the camping and the outdoors.

Chris, Director of Camping for Kids at Adventure Breaks Group Ltd.

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