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Do you have an outdoor audience?

Fund your adventures and help them live more adventurously with

Adventure Breaks' Affiliate Programme

How does it work?

  1. See if you meet the guideline audience parameters below.

  2. Get in touch by completing the form below. 

  3. If successful, you will be issued with a discount code that entities your audience to a discount for an Adventure Break.

  4. You will earn £25 for every ticket sold utilising that code. ​

1). Guideline Audience Parameters

Generally we would seek to work with people that have a relevant audience of a certain size. Our guidelines are that your audience should be composed of outdoor or adventure audiences in the UK of at least:

  • You meet 20+ outdoor/adventure people per month face-to-face; or

  • You have 200+ outdoor/adventure people on your mailing list; or

  • You have 2000+ outdoor/adventure people that follow you on social media.

Please note that it is important to us who we work with. Your audience should be relevant to Adventure Breaks. We aim to be open, honest and practice avoid high-pressure sales tactics. It is also important to us that guests at Adventure Break weekends are open-minded, kind and willing to participate as part of a group. For these reasons, we reserve the right to refuse or terminate any affiliate programs at our absolute discretion and without notice.

2). Apply Below


Complete this form to apply to join Adventure Breaks' Affiliate Program. 

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